San to the Fran


It was my last weekend of being 34, so we packed our bags and headed west…
No dog, no kids, very loose plans for what we wanted to do, and reservations for a bed and breakfast.

Auburn Alehouse is a favorite stop along the way to or from the “City”.
I miss all the green and old buildings in Auburn.
It smelled so good in town, just like I remembered it from when I lived there.

245:366, us 
Westbound, the sun set was killer near the Yolo Wildlife area.
Into the sunset... #nofilter #birthdayweek
The Monte Cristo is a fantastic mix of Victorian and uber modern…


 I would go back in a heart beat.
The wall paper, the jazz in the hall way speakers and the creaking old wood floors.


The fancy potty had more controls than the TV remote.

We checked in and then decided to wander around the neighborhood a bit.
I think we were both pretty tired from a busy week, so we turned in early.
I was out like a light practically before my head hit the pillow.


We got up bright and early on Saturday.

Good morning San Fransico. #birthdayweek

We checked the maps, pulled on our running shoes and headed out the door.
(I figured out how to do the panorama option on my iphone, YES!)


Running in the Presidio and in Crissie Field is a treat.
These stairs, however….. there were a lot of them and near the end of the 5.5miole run.

Showers, coffee,

 Good morning beautiful world. #sanfransisco #breakfast #birthdayweek

breakfast, more coffee and out the door for adventuring.



What's your frequency?


China Town
(where I got a new hat..)

hat trick

246:366, Gelato

I was hell bent on going to Harry’s for a mojitto and Pizzeria Delfina for dinner.
The broccoli raab did not disappoint.

I shot film almost all weekend with the ‘new’ camera.
 Minni is a ton of fun.

Sunday, we drove through Golden Gate Park and watched surfers play in the ocean, it wasn’t like December at all.


We reluctantly checked out of the B&B and then took a walked along the wharf.
Oysters and beer for lunch.
247:366, oysters

It was a pretty awesome weekend.
 Thank you to family for taking the kids and to my husband for making me feel very special.

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  1. Mary December 11, 2012 at 12:14 am

    Sounds (and looks!) like a really awesome weekend. Beautiful photographs.

  2. nessavay December 11, 2012 at 1:20 am

    I love this whole post. Such a variety of photos, I feel like you are really stretching yourself lately. It’s lovely to see. I especially like the ones of you and your husband, you with your new hat (sexy mama!), and that panorama shot (i need to learn how to do that!). Sounds like an awesome weekend. Happy birthday, lovely lady.


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