calf roper
This photo was taken at the Lyon County Fair and Rodeo held in Yerington, NV this summer

This week I am being pulled in opposite directions.

I am somewhere along my rope between the calf and the horse. (Interestingly enough, in yoga, the sutras can be thought of as the rope that hold things together)
Like the cowboy, I am totally focused and on the task at hand. The rope as my guide between where I am coming from and where I am going. I know that my horse has my back and that my goal is to wrestle that calf down and get all the loose ends tied up.
Say what you will about rodeo, but today it is serving as a fantastic metaphor for my life.
This week has been full …

*Yoga and new faces to teach.
*A re-surge in my own practice at home as a result of the teaching- realizing how much information and knowledge I have built up over the past year is quite amazing when it is spread about the floor in an effort to organize it all.
*There was a visit to the accupuncturist, and time to meditate while on the table waiting for the doc to place the pins, and of course during the time they are in doing their magic. *It has been about cleaning up explosive messes that are the result of a dog eating way more than his fair share of rotten corn on the cob from the trash during a 3am binge (I think Zucco is either OCD, bulimic or suffers from IBS– or a nasty combo of all three).
*There has been lots of computer time and meetings at work, but all with promise of new expansion in my world of GIS .
*There has been visits with two (M and L) shorties and their parents.
*There has been time to sit with my mom on the couch with a glass of wine and giggle.

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