when we look up we reflect..
a beautiful weekend. we spent time together and moved around each other, around the house perfectly. no expectations, each of us doing things that we would like to do and meeting each other here and there when it was right.
a trip to the museum and our minds were full of thoughts and inspiration about photography and the passing of time.
We looked into our trip to Hawaii in January and made reservations to hike in the Grand Canyon this spring.
although i didn’t practice any yoga, I did go for a walk and did a Keri Smith style experiment- looking for things that someone lost or left behind- a golf marker, a broken but sharp pencil and the base to a candy ring. I also did a little guerrilla art around town (stickers are good)
my “where you’at” swap packages are almost ready for the mail- just missing one thing that should be here this week. And I sold one of my photos! it will be in the mail to the new recipient this week as well.
be well friends and remember to,

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  1. angela December 4, 2007 at 2:19 pm

    yay! a sale! so exciting 🙂


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