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100:366, outta here
My camera body and the 50mm are in the shop. Over the weekend I bumped the lens against something and I broke the thing. My heart instantly sunk when I realized the focus wasn’t going to work anymore. Fingers crossed the Camera Doctor can fix the lens*. Get a hood for your lens, lesson learned. I’m not afraid of a little sun flare, but I am afraid of the fact that I lug my camera everywhere and the lens is going to get bumped at some point or another.
For the record, I did have a hood on my lens. I also have my UV filter on there as well to keep it safe. But the Steve, the camera doc, explained that I had on the wrong kind. If I really wanted to protect it I needed the hood that mounts to the barrel and not the kind that screws onto the actual lens.


What does that have to do with these photos? Well, a lot actually. Without my digital camera, I still needed to shoot a photo for the day. I have a few cameras to choose from, but I think my favorite film camera right now is my Polaroid 103. I use Fuji pull apart film and I love it. I can totally see the Fuji colors that I remember from shooting 35mm.

The kids always look at me like I am crazy when I pull out the Polaroid.
It’s big and takes me forever to set up a shot.
What is that thing?
Why can’t I see the photo on the back of the camera?
What are you pulling out of there?
WHY are you ripping that picture apart?
 But then the magic of the film lures them in and they love it.
I like that my kids are being exposed to words, “film”, “develop”, and “not so instant, instant photography” But mostly, that I can share this part of photographic history with them, too.

 **Update! just got my camera and lens back. Good as new, and although a little bit costly, not nearly as much as buying a new 1.4! 

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  1. erin April 11, 2012 at 6:26 pm


    i love that your kids will know so much about the slow and less instant gratifying too. not that i think i know how to raise perfect kids or anything 😉 just that it’s kind of cool to take some art and slow it down, there is alot of fast and instant out there. like my boys asking me, mom, why don’t you just MAKE coffee before we drive to this class? why do you have to go through a drive through? ahem.

    i know so little about film cameras! i just dabbled with a polaroid when in my teens and never kept the camera and certainly didn’t approach it with the interest i have now. i love watching this process for others, of film and how it looks so good and so different!!

    1. Vanessa/NessieNoodle April 11, 2012 at 8:30 pm

      Erin~ thanks for stopping by. you should get a film camera, just to test it out and see where it takes you. There is something really amazing about getting back a roll of film or pulling that print out of the polaroid, you might just fall in love…


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