Poolside, PHX Style

the boys
 Friday, we had the place practically to ourselves.  The busiest it got all day was when the crew of about 15  10-12 year old boys running from pool to pool, playing tag and having a great time would come crashing into ‘our’ pool.
It was such a perfect way to start our first full day of vacation.

no diving

storm warning 
Sunning and watching the kids play in the pool with a hibiscus flower that Andy picked for me to wear and enjoying my “Storm Warning” foo-foo drink felt so luxurious…
he swims 
O gained so much more confident in the pool over the weekend. It was great to watch him get comfortable and be at ease in the water. Like his Jojo, he doesn’t much like if his head gets wet, but he will float and bob and splash a ton. And Fifi, oh Fifi… .if there is water near, these she (and her Daddy) will sniff it out and find her way into it some way or another…
The lady bug floaties were the best purchase. Although we originally bought them for O to wear (he picked them out and everything), his sister got much more use out of them than he did. He preferred his blue vest much more once he was in the water.
warming upwarming 
It was hard to get them out, but warming up in that hot Arizona sun felt good.

Next up? To the ZOO!!

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