past is a present

yes, more baby pictures. but not of the kids- of me. Our house-mate’s mom used to be my mom’s house mate when I was first born. When K. moved in she brought with her a disc full of old photos that her mom had taken of us in Truckee. These are so fun to see, espcecially since some of them I had never seen before.
In the Wynda-matic
Looking so much like our new little girlie (or she looks like me I guess)
mom and me
hiking with mom probably at the East end of Donner Lake, look how cute she is!
every kid has a photo like this, right?
circa 1980
Fourth of July in downtown Truckee. I am going to guess 1980 or so.

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  1. caitlin October 5, 2010 at 6:56 pm

    These pictures are awesome! Especially the bw one in the swing. Classic!


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