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The sky threatened and mirrored my emotions on Friday. It was a difficult day, filled with sticking up for myself and asking why my work doesn’t feel I am qualified for a position I know I am qualified to do. I am on hold for another week until they can sort out what to do with me. It was emotionally draining and unlike the clouds, I burst as soon as I walked out of the negotiation doors…
195:365, he's home
On the bright side of Friday, I got to pick Daddy-O up from the airport. He was out of town last week for work, down in San Diego (or as O was calling it, Sandy-Eggo) for a software user conference.  It was a tricky week for him to be away, but he had a good trip, was able to post my resume at the conference he went to and I got a bite from a company (here in town!) that wants to interview me (please cross your fingers for me!). This is good news…
I was so glad he was home, so was he (the kids were pretty stoked too, Fifi wouldn’t let me hold her the entire evening on Friday, it was adorable).
196:365, car car
Saturday we played around the house, took a ride on the train down at the local park and hung out in the back yard all evening. Fifi discovered the little tike car and played on, in and around it for a really long time that afternoon. We ate GIANT s’mores after a yummy grilled dinner, GIANT I tell you. The marshmallows Daddy brought home from the store were like 4 in 1. crazy, sticky, good.
197:365, The Lake
 We headed up to the lake (Tahoe) for the afternoon on Sunday. It was gorgeous, but we hit the wrong time with the kids’ nap schedule and there were some trashy people cussing and swearing and chain smoking on the beach next to us that sort of ruined it for me.
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We took a walk out on a small pier and let the pretty just soak in to our minds. I love that people are swimming and playing in a lake while there is still up on the mountains above.
untitled shoot-039-2
We are so lucky to live so close to this place. I think maybe this week I will go back and jump in for a swim…
untitled shoot-031-2
oh, and look who is practicing standing up! I know this isn’t a great photo, but I caught her testing out her legs while we sat on the beach. It’s pretty exciting…

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  1. Ani July 18, 2011 at 6:19 pm

    Fingers and toes crossed!

    King’s Beach? I hate when people can’t contain their “adult” behavior when kids are around. At least when I was a wild rebel, I kept it cool around families. 😉

  2. Vanessa/NessieNoodle July 18, 2011 at 7:04 pm

    @Ani Yep, you called it. I SO wanted to go to the Char Pit, but hubby wasn’t having any of that… And the worst part is about the people on the beach, they had kids of their own and it just made me sad as I watch their smoke drift right into the kids’ faces. ug.

  3. kyndale_pease July 20, 2011 at 2:33 pm

    It’s always a treat going up to the lake. We took the kids up to Stateline on Sunday for 4-H camp. After we dropped them off, we went to the beach for some lake time. It was a really perfect day.


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