On Any Given (Wednes)Day

Home day
there is rain, mixed with snow, mixed with sun shine and promises of rainbows.
Home day
they play together while we wait. Fifi keeps saying she is getting a hair cut. 
Home day
He is so patient and such a rule follower. I am glad, because it makes it easier when it’s his sister’s turn to go.
 Team work at the smile shop!
It pays off and she gets in the chair and even opens her mouth for the dentist!
Home day
We promptly break all the rules and have uncut juice and a sugar glazed doughnut.
Home day
A visit to Jojo’s, glue sticks, crayons, snacks, and lots of hugs and kisses as we leave for nap time. Fifi was asleep before we hit the freeway and O didn’t last much longer.
Sideways snow today... But the sun is also shining. Crazy Nevada weather. 
Any given Wednesday in March.

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