oldy but goodie

The Man on the 76 Ball

An oldy but goodie.
I have this hanging in my bathroom downstairs, the bathroom everyone uses when they are over. It has gotten multiple questions and head scratches.
I didn’t take the photo, my friend Heather did (I still need to get her a copy of the print, hmm Christmas is coming…)
At any rate two of the gals I haven’t seen in a long time. One was a foriegn exchange student from Chile and living at my bestfriend’s house. (We got an email from her this summer, she is well.) One moves in and out of my life like a ghost, illusive and a little lost.
But the other three (two in the picture and the photographer) are still a part of my world. I see them all on a regular basis. I have traveled with two of them across the ocean and around the UK. Lived with one of them. And have visited all of them in the different towns they have lived over the years.
We are all in such a crazy places in our lives right now. Big changes are on the way or have already begun. Marriage, the starting of families, the passing of loved ones. All things that make us realize that we are no longer teenagers, no matter how young we might feel inside.
It is interesting and incredible to look back on this picture, taken almost 12 years ago, and think about who we were and who we still are. Who we were and who we no longer are.
I am proud that I have friendships that have lasted so long, with such beautiful woman.

xo girls!
see you all in Vegas in a few weeks!

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  1. natty November 28, 2007 at 4:56 pm

    you are one of a kind and a beautiful one at that. i too love looking back but actually my life -the happy one as you know it – started about two and a half years ago. i was a trouble maker and nothing i was right. that, and i hung around the wrong people. now, its funny — i blog, and i still get silly comments as if people were jealous of me and can’t seem to say one iota of niceness. ugh! sorry for the vent! your photos has put a huge surge of warmth in my heart. thankies! natty

  2. angela November 29, 2007 at 3:39 pm

    beautiful! i love reading about friendships, and you have written so eloquently about the growth that moves and changes us as we
    (and our friendships) get older. love this post,and i am still guessing at which one is you?


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