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Last week I asked for your opinions about post processing. How do you do it and what do you use. I got some really great responses back from all of you, and it solidified what I already thought I wanted to do. I needed to upgrade from Photoshop Elements 3 to 9. (Geesh, was I behind on that one). I have gotten to know old PSE3 pretty well and have been able to get along thus far, but I know that there are some bells and whistles I have been missing out on in the newer version and I feel like I am ready to make that jump. I also decided to spring for Photoshop Lightroom. Between the educational discount and the fact that I am actually going in halvsies with my Dad-in-law, it made it an easy and affordable decision.
FifiSmile1 copy
do you see the teeth?!
That brings me to the next step… finding a few actions and presets that I really like. If I find a few I will probably invest in purchasing them until I figure out how to make my own. Of course when looking for presets and actions I start to hit up some of my favorite photographers and fellow bloggers. What are they using, what is it about their images that I love? One of those photographing-mama-bloggers happens to be Keli Hoskins of Kidnapped by Suburbia. Her girls are adorable and she captures life in such a wonderful way. Her blog often makes me giggle, she can be silly without being abrasive or rude. I like that.
balance act
So when I clicked over to her blog today you can imagine how excited I was that she is hosting a giveaway…. I could win a $50 gift card for some really nice Lightroom presets. What a nice way to start of having some new software. Yes, part of my motivation today to post is to get an extra chance at winning, but I also thought if you didn’t “know” Keli yet, you should. So go on over and say hello. Don’t worry she’s nice and will more than likely take the time to say, “hi” right back at ya. Oh, and cross your fingers, because darn it. I would love to win that giveaway!
(these photos really have nothing to do with this post. I just liked them and wanted to put them up- today seemed like as good as any to do just that.)

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