O-we-O-we-O Update

You have become an excellent bowler and like to go “bowling-pinning” on the weekends.
you and this dog, she even slept all night in your room with you the other day. You have mad love for her and it’s beyond sweet.
#saturday #bowling #momentswitho
Your NJ roots showing through…
You live up to your celestial name… you love the “Cranets” and learning about the stars and the night sky. it’s pretty awesome watching you get excited as you look at the moon through the telescope.
You might loose your temper with Fifi-Mcgee, but you also love her so much and when you are nice, you are very very nice to her. You guys really are good buddies, when you aren’t driving each other NUTS>
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I don’t know how many times in the past few weeks you told me about rock climbing. You “Almost rang the bell” and that is so brave! I can’t wait to go with you guys next time.
I can’t believe how big you are getting. you have grown more than an inch since November and half of your clothes are too short in the legs and arms. you say things like, “And then, suddenly…” and always have the “right” words to the song playing on the radio. 
You are writing your numbers and letters- unprompted by us. This is so fascinating to watch you learn. I can tell the next year is going to be an explosion of knowledge… I can’t wait!
You are an amazing little dude

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