New School

Lots of kids are starting back to school right now, it’s just that time of year. And I know many of them are starting a new school, either for the first time ever or just a new school to them…
We fall into the “new school to them” category.
With the move to the opposite end of town, it became to hard to commute to and from the day care that the kids have been at since each was 12 weeks old. It was really sad to leave behind not just all the friends, but the teachers and staff too. I made them all cookies and a big thank you note. I hope they know just how much their daily work of caring for my babies meant to us.
I looked at several daycare centers near the house and my office. Some had room for one of the kids, but not the other. Some just didn’t feel right. And so I finally settled on one that had the best playground, great looking classrooms and very friendly staff. They also speak Spanish and English to the kids all day long. I liked that a lot- I would love if my kids became bilingual, even just a little bit. I also chose the school because of a familiar face. One of the teachers from the old school had recently started working and running this new one! I was thrilled.
Monday was our first day at the new place. O is officially in “Pre-K” (what the!???) and Fifi is right across the hall from him with the ‘twos’.  The first day’s drop off went really well, to the point that I almost got sad that they weren’t sad… (Crazy, I know). O actually told me, as he saddled up on the swing, “Okay Mom, you can go now. I’m fine.”
I guess that’s what you want, kids who are ready to take on the world without you hovering over them.
Tuesday’s drop off was a little bit harder. Fifi realized what was going down as I said goodbye and I forgot her lovie, “Meow-meow Kitty” at home, rookie move. O got a little teary when he hugged me goodbye and made me promise to call him in a little while. I did, and he was happily playing with legos with his new buddy. Fifi had adopted a new baby doll and was happy again…. all is right in the world.
It isn’t easy to have to drop your children off at a day care center, no matter how good of a place you find. It is so strange to think they have a little world away from you, just like I do away from them. sigh. being a mama is hard, hard, hard. I hope these drop offs get a little bit easier… though I know I will always be leaving a little piece of my heart with each of them when I walk away…

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