Nest. My word for 2012…

It took me a few weeks, but I think I landed on my word for 2012. In some ways it’s a strange word for our current situation, but in other ways it is just perfect.
I have chosen the word, “nest”. With all the shuffling and changes that 2011 brought, (new jobs, selling of our house and moving in with my in-laws) I think the idea of finding a home (or settling into the place we are right now) and hunkering down with my little chicks is a fantastic goal for the new year.
Nesting into the family around us, to the house that my husband lived in as a high schooler, it’s a little surreal at times, but I feel completely blessed that we have family who will take us in and put up with us for an extended amount of time.
I feel like I need to focus in on family, because it has become even more clear to me just how important we are to each other. When everything else goes down the drain, you have your family. Last year proved that to me in a big way. So I am going to celebrate this nest and hold it close to my hear in 2012.
I spotted this pretty little piece of artwork outside our new bedroom window when we were moving in to my in-law’s house in December. I keep wondering if a family will occupy it in the spring. I think I will make a point to photograph the nest in the different seasons this year to help me reaffirm my word and intention.

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