Nee-mos, is Fifi-speak for, “animals”.
On the ‘cool’ day of our vacation in Phoenix, we decided to get out and about and head to the wildlife zoo/aquarium. It was perfect temps for wandering around outside with out the pool near by. 
And I think , because of the weather, more of the animals were actually out and visible. Nothing harder than going to the zoo and seeing a bunch of empty cages, or trying to point out a very well camouflaged bird or mammal to a 3 year old.
Fifi squealed and squealed at these guys. 
She touched one when it swam by. She was freaked and so excited all at once.
It took a lot to get her to leave the ray tank.
The petting zoo was a little nutty. 
Andy almost lost part of his shirt and Fi was just not sure if she liked that those little furry things were at eye level or not.
O got to pet a desert tortoise and then wanted to pet every other animal in the zoo too.
20120526-_MG_2510 20120526-_MG_2511
We took a train ride through Africa.
a sign of a good vacation 
Then stopped for lunch. The sign of a good vacation is in the clothes… 
(cherry juice and mustard from your ‘dog’ = a good time.)
wait for me 
Daddy sometimes walks REALLY fast.
Wait UP!
The giraffes were my favorite part of the day.
They are so majestic looking…
O will tell you they have a slimy tongues…
It was a great day out and about, but my little “nee-mos” needed a big time nap after all that fun…

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  1. Anonymous June 5, 2012 at 4:50 pm

    These are great! Lots of fun for one and all!


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