A constant balancing act, the circus swirls on around me as I find my center and breathe.
It’s a push and pull, this motherhood thing. They are you, you them- but you are your own person, mind, body.
There is a huge tug at your heart. the kind that will fill it up and make it feel like it will explode.
all four: September Family
There are moments that I would like to run away, and I wonder what the hell I am doing.
moments of mamahood | yashica lm | lomo | vanessa simpson
(photo by O using the Yashica LM. I don’t think I could repeat this shot if I tried)

There are times when I stop thinking about it and quiet my worrying mind about choices and ways that I am doing things that might be the same or different from other moms I know. And I am all about the moment and am fully in my choice to be “mommy”.
I see me in them, me in my mom, and my mom in them.
Mom and me. ???
I am pretty sure that they picked me to teach me and school me in ways that I never knew I needed.
Happy Mother’s Day to ALL of the women in my life. xo

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