let’s see now….

Family, lots of family. I feel rejuvenated and totally flustered all at once.
Tons of good food
Parts Of A Good Sandwich
and time spent in the newly completed back yard. It sure did turn out nice and I know we will get the use out of it that we were hoping for.
Enjoying the new patio

our happy faces

Trips to the park to let the dogs run and to get us outside to enjoy the fantastic evenings we have been having these days.

The dogs got hops

A movie, cleaning and making things messy again in the kitchen (then more cleaning). Wandering around new thrift store (I am searching for something like this to take to the hospital with me- I should just breakdown and order it from etsy since that seems to be where I can most easily find one. And, let’s face it, I don’t have that much longer to search for the perfect bag, right?).

I got my hair cut and am still trying to figure out if I like it or not. I think I need a new hat to wear, one of those cute bucket hats ya know? Just for the days when I feel like I don’t really like it… I have been getting my camera out again (could be the new camera strap I got in the mail a week ago that is motivating me to do so). Today there is a list of things to do since we played all day yesterday. Have a fantastic week, it will be quite around here for the next few days.


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