Let the season begin…

tinsle tree

I don’t like to rush this month. There is too much good stuff happening.
If you eat it up too fast it will be gone and done before you know it.

Now that I have stepped into a new decade for an entire day,
I feel that the season of
Christmas trees,
gift wrapping,
ice-box cake,
twinkle lights
plans for what we will eat (probably Chinese take-out) on Christmas Eve with my mom,
and what time we are supposed to show up at the in-laws on Christmas day can begin.

(Have I mentioned that I can hardly wait to give the family my present this year… a little hint, Blurb and Moo are rockin my holiday gift giving experience, rockin)


Thanks to all my friends and relatives who called, emailed and text messaged me yesterday.
Thanks to my sweet sweet hubby for taking me out on the town last night and for heading into the photobooth with me (friday kids, friday I will share).
Thanks to all the flickr-ites and blog peeps who wished me so many Happy Birthdays.
You all have no idea how special it made me feel to be remebered- very, very special.
Thank you all for being part of my world. Thank you.

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  1. Stacie December 13, 2007 at 1:16 am

    I missed it, but happy b-day, maam! I remember last year when you posted photos everyday, wasn’t that during your b-day month?? (loved that)maybe… anyhoo, happy happy and LOVE that goofy shot! (not the tree, you) xox


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