lazy labor day

I feel like we have been going a million miles an hour all summer long. here, there, everywhere.
Which can totally be fun, but sometimes, just being around the house soaking up each others laughter is a good thing, too.
I needed the slow, and that is just what I got..
I might be really in love with light. Just saying. #shuttersisters #forever #light #love #prayersonthewind
Friday night, Andy was out of town. So the kids and I did it up right. Mac’n’cheese picinic in front of the TV watching the Lorax. Later, a dance party to Matisayhu and Mumford and Sons. Fifi did a little art and everybody slept all night.It was good stuff.
Saturday morning had a pancake start and a trip to the playground. It also may have involved a drive to In N Out, for lunch…
241:366, Breaking the fast
Later in the afternoon, A got home and we grilled some really yummy tri-tip and corn. I don’t know how this was the first corn of the season, but it was so sweet and juicy, well worth the wait.
242:366, ready for grilling
Sunday we headed over to my best friends so the guys could brew a new batch of beer. 
243:366, brewing
But first, we had to fuel up with some essentials…
Banana muffins. #baking #morning #instamuse #shuttersisters  You say dough, I say nut. #shuttersisters #instamuse
banana bread muffins and donuts!
Monday was a sort of chore day, I went for a run in the morning, cleaned the house, and we organized the garage in search of our web cam and a few other missing pieces and parts for the house. I still can’t believe we have 2800 sqft of stuff crammed into this 1300 sqft house and garage. 
We ended the evening with some good old fashion giggle time, cultivating joy is a very, very good thing.
244:366, silly

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