Knitting Update

Hey! Guess what? I got some knitting done in the last month or so. I have been fun getting my needles and yarn back out again and doing some little projects here and there.
We have had a few new babies born in the first couple weeks of May and it is my duty to make sure they have a hand knit thing or two. For my new niece, a pink Milo.


And for the baby that came from this pretty belly, the Baby Squash Hat- adorable right- that baby girl has the prettyiest kissy lips ever.

Both were easy and fun knits. The sweater will fit baby B. this fall I am sure and keep her toasty warn since it is wool. And the hat for baby H. should be just the right weight for those cooler nights (and days) we are still having around here (what the heck it is almost 80 on Saturday and snowing the next).

Details for both of these projects can be found on my Ravelry, here and here. Next time I do the Milo I will use bigger needles if I use the same bulky yarn or switch up my yarn. I would like to make one in gray for MrO to wear for the summer evenings when we are up in the mountains- I really like that this vest can be worn by either boy or girl. That hat was silly easy and fun to knit. I think I could jump the gauge of needles and yarn and make it a bigger size (or do some math and increase the stitches)- might even be really fun for an adult!

I would really like to make myself something and jump out of my comfort zone of knitting things that are either really small or for the littles in my life. Go big, ya know. The Tea Leaves cardigan is so pretty and I like the February Lady Sweater too. Both have the buttons at the top with an open lower half that will be perfect for my growing belly and for nursing later on this fall when things get chilly but I need easy access to the “girls”.

What do you have on your needles these days?

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  1. Allison May 21, 2010 at 4:03 am

    ooh! I love that hat – baby too!

  2. Nicole Benjamin May 21, 2010 at 4:18 am

    Oh, my goodness!
    Such sweetness : )
    On my needles… knitting squares for a quilt project shared on my blog.

  3. Ani May 21, 2010 at 6:09 pm

    I’m a quarter of the way through a pair of socks for Kidlet and am at a stopping point on a basic top down raglan cardigan (I need to find a good short rows tutorial before I go any further). I almost cast on a new project last night to avoid turning the heel on the sock, but I refrained. 🙂

    Have a cosy, knitty weekend!


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