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Dawn Patrol-

I hear them… the announcer is talking to the participants across the way over the loud speaker. It is only 7am, but I am sure they have all been up for hours already.
They have been prepping their giant rainbows onto the wet, cool grass. Spreading out color like artists to a canvas. Tomorrow they will start to float over our roof tops and we will hear the rushing sound of the flames, shhhhhh-shhhhhh. It is as much a signal of autumn as the squawk of geese overhead. As much of a signal that we are headed into a new season as the cool air that sticks around longer that 8am and the new red-orange that I see in the neighbor’s tree. These cues let me know that things are changing. Changing in a big way.

The ballooners aren’t the only ones being beckoned toward the light. Baby-noodle has been scheduled to make a debut. We have big choices and big conversations to make with our doctor today.
Will she let me go just a few more days if I agree to be monitored over the weekend? What if my calculations of the EDD are more accurate than hers? (after all, I was charting 40 weeks and 5 days ago and know when things went down). Is my thermometer and graph paper more knowledgeable than her fancy ultrasound machine?
Is baby really running low on bath water in there or is it because Dr. is going to be on call this Friday and can make it conveniently to be the birth?
Will I fall down the slippery slope of an induced birth?
If we do let things progress on their own, would the end result be any different than what could happen if we use assistance to jump start things? I could have complications without the drugs just as easily as I could with them.
And just how big is baby noodle getting in there? I saw the scale at the office move up an entire lb from last week to this.
Is it selfish to want the birth I imagined or is it good parenting to not want to start things off in a drug induced way?
so many questions…we have until 8pm tonight to decide.

If I have been in your thoughts I want to tell you “thank you”. Please keep sending us strength, courage and love. Most of all I need to remember to TRUST in the universe… everything is as it should be.

PS if any of my dear readers out there have been through an induced labor and delivery and have some positive light to shed on this for me I would love to hear it… we are leaning towards following doctor’s orders. So tonight is most likely the night. I just need to hear from you guys out there. I know woman are induced all the time and the babies are just fine. So if you have a story that you don’t mind telling please share (you can email me if you don’t want it out on the web, just leave me a comment and I will pass along my address)…. thanks

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  1. The Giant September 4, 2008 at 3:11 pm

    Oh sweetie. Having run this slippery slope I know exactly what you’re talking about. Keep in mind that you have the option to refuse any procedure, including the non-stress test. Argue, and unless there seems to be a really good reason, don’t let dr.’s rhetoric sway you. I actually looked up the medical research. That BS that the placenta starts to degrade and there’s less amniotic fluid is just that- BS. Amniotic fluid levels change every day for various reasons and that placenta degradation is only found in 50% of cases.
    The best advice I heard: drink lots of water (1 gallon/day) and take long walks. Oh, and eat spicy Thai 🙂
    Call me if you need to. Much love and strength in the next few days.

  2. Ani September 4, 2008 at 6:14 pm

    yes, yes, yes. that sums up balloon week exactly. beautiful words and image.

    wow, you sound exactly like where i was 4+ years ago. i went for a friday morning check and they said ‘bathwater low, you can be on bedrest all weekend (ill advised, said the doc) or we can induce’. i had 10 minutes to decide. i REALLY wanted to go into labor naturally but i was worried about any possible problems if i didn’t. since we only had 10 minutes to decide, i didn’t have time to find out what problems there could be if i didn’t induce so i just went with it. it ended up not being a big deal for me. i didn’t need any pain meds (just yoga breathing) and kidlet came out 10 hours after the kickstart. i hope the little noodle decides to make a move… 🙂

  3. LeS September 4, 2008 at 8:44 pm

    Although I was not induced, you are in my thoughts dear one. I am absolutely certain that every little thing is gonna be just fantastic. Trust your instincts! And have a grand time of it. Big love, Les

  4. Barbara C. September 4, 2008 at 11:16 pm

    The question, Nes, is do you have confidence in your ob’s judgements.
    You’re still with her… must feel she’s doing ok by you. My last baby was induced because my membranes broke and the doc wanted me to go into labor and not hang around with the risks etc.
    Your ob went to a lot of school, studied a lot of ob situations, has been through these situations before also.
    I was a post partum nurse 25 years ago. Everyone having babies now has such advantages that weren’t available then. The ultrasound can give a lot of info!
    God Bless you and your little one.
    Hopefully your baby will give a good solid kick and get things moving before you drive yourself crazy with this decision!

  5. Robin September 5, 2008 at 5:13 am

    I didn’t get a kick start… Duke’s birth was an more like an emergency evacuation (c-section). It wasn’t the birth I planned. Wasn’t the birth I wanted. None of that matters now.

    He’s here. He’s wonderful.

    I pray you will be filled with wisdom and peace.

  6. Cathy September 6, 2008 at 5:31 pm


    Blessing for a wonderful birth experience, induced or not. I had an induced labor when the doc said, “You can have your baby in your arms by 5PM.” I went for it, made it through (only 4 hours) with no other intervention at all, and there she was, right at 4:45! That was only 21 short years ago.

    All the best. Hope you get everything you wish for.

  7. Stacie September 8, 2008 at 1:18 am

    My guess is that the Baby Noodle is among us by the time I stumbled upon your post!! Congrats to you and your family!!!! I was induced for one and it wasn’t all that bad. He probably would have come along, but I put my trust in my doc, and he was fine…
    Hope your birthing was great and happy and amazing and the baby is a healthy baby …?


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