So I am going to bet that at least of few of you who read this blog are going camping over this fine Memorial Day weekend… and if you aren’t then I am sure you have at least one tent sleeping situation planned for the upcoming summer months. No? Well read on anyway…

tent aka hotel room

My camping for the season may be over (I’m not sad, we got to go camping four times since last Memorial Day weekend.  I would say that is pretty good considering we had the boy in tow for each of the get aways and I have been pregnant for the last two road trips .) But, as I get bigger and bigger with this baby belly of mine, I can hardly get comfy in my bed at home, let alone the cot and sleeping bag set up that we have going in the tent. That is totally besides the point of this post (sort of). If we were going camping this summer (it *might* happen, with a big old head nodding no from me) I would totally want to make these shirts. I mean, come on, how cute are they? Making them would mean I would need one of those Yudu gizmos though. (Anyone have an extra couple hund-os laying around they want to spot me? I will make you stuff, promise) Think of the possibilities! I could go nuts with it.


For now I will just have to settle on my freezer paper stencil skillz (see the apron he is wearing? funny, no? I made it…) I think even though my camping season for the year is over I need to make a version of these shirts up, one for each of us int he family. And It think we should all wear them around on the same day, just to be silly like that.
Oh and if you are going camping this weekend, here’s to good weather, minimal bugs and no late night raccoon parties. Have fun and enjoy a s’more for me, would ya?

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  1. caitlin May 27, 2010 at 8:42 pm

    Love the shirts. Every year we go camping with our friends, I think about making something for everyone, but never seem to have the time. These would be fun to do one year.

    Yes, we are going camping tomorrow. Off to Zions National Park. We’ll eat a smore for you, and I hope you think of us while you’re all warm and cozy in your bed 🙂

    Happy Memorial Day!


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