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Saturday, O had a birthday party to attend. The birthday girl is someone he has known since before they were born.. His mama and I were in per-natal yoga together, they attended the same day care from 12 weeks until just this summer when we moved.
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There are stories of them at nap time making each other giggle so hard the teachers had to step into the hall in order to not crack up into laughter as well… something to do with I. saying to O., “OPEN YOUR EYES!” and then giggling….
When I’s mama emailed me about coming to the party  a few weeks back, I was happy to respond with a yes. 
When we walked into the gymnasium, we couldn’t have gotten a better welcome, 
“OHHHH, MAMA!! Thank you, THANK YOU!!! O really did come to my party!!!”
We don’t live in the smallest of towns, or the biggest. But I am glad O has friends like this, kids he has known forever and ever… (even if that is only 4 years of ever and ever). 
I’s parents are super cool kids themselves. 
People I wouldn’t mind hanging out with- I really should make a point of getting in touch with them outside of birthday parties.

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