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Thank you all for your encouragement about my plans for the future. I have to say that I do really believe in what we are doing. It is just easy to start to doubt yourself when those around you are doubting.

I feel like it could be Friday already but it is only Wednesday. I could use a quick, no a long power nap and a big bowl of chocolate something or other… yep sounds about right.

Yesterday I had to take my baby girl into the vet. She has had this thing with her claws where they keep splitting, breaking and wearing down to little nubs. The last time I took her to the groomer she suggested that I take her to the vet because it was pretty obvious she didn’t like the main/pedi portion of the groom.(Schnauzers don’t shed so they have to get regular hair cuts)

Laughing Dog

The vet gave me one option and one option only (despite my many questions about alternatives and what could it be) – to de-claw one of her toes and send in said removed claw to the lab for tests. He said he has never, in his 35 years of practice, seen almost every claw affected like this. He didn’t know what it was and didn’t give me much more than, “come back in on Friday for a bandage change and check,” to go off of.

desert nose

So for now, Clover will hobble around the house with a big purple bandage around her back foot and the silly plastic cone around her head. She will be her springy happy self, thinking she is just a-okay and good to go play with her boy just like always. I will do my best to keep her as mellow as possible. Crating her and giving her a bone or two to keep from gnawing on the foot will probably do the trick. Let’s hope the lab results tell us it is something simple like a change in diet…

she says no

Cloe isn’t the only one with foot trouble. A and I were on our way to go swim laps yesterday and on the way in I tripped in the parking lot and fell straight to the ground. I scraped up my knee and a toe on each foot. I was totally stunned to suddenly be on the asphalt and it me took a second to figure out what the heck had just happened. Needless to say, I didn’t get any laps in last night. oh-well. I am fine other than a few little wounds (man do I bleed though, something that probably has to do with being preggers). Baby is kicking and hic-upping away in there so no harm other than me being totally embarrassed!

is it Friday yet???

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  1. Left-handed Trees... June 5, 2008 at 6:09 pm

    I cannot tell you how often I found myself taking tumbles when pregnant with one of the wildies! Center of gravity shift, or what? Hope you both heal up beautifully!

  2. Barbara C. June 7, 2008 at 2:31 am

    ….and do what you need to do, Nessie. I delivered in the days before epidurals, before LaMaze, before anything but “grin and bear it” so hypno birthing sounds wonderful.


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