happy maker

He was trying to get her to smile. She was totally pissed at me. 
I wouldn’t let her eat anymore chocolate that she came home with from school’s Easter egg hunt. 
Oh Fifi, you can be the saddest little bunny, ever.
Good thing your brother was there to cheer you up with bubbles.

96:366, happy maker

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend.
We didn’t do too much celebrating and I am having a little bit of mommy guilt over the fact that the Bunny didn’t bring baskets full of candy and toys, or even hide eggs in the backyard. But really, we had a sweet weekend without all of that ‘stuff’.

 93:366, pinks

It was amazing weather and we spent a good part of both Saturday and Sunday outside- each of us starting off our Monday with rosy, red skin to show for it. And really, isn’t the holiday about re-birth, re-awaking, and the season changing? We might not have eaten chocolate rabbit ears for breakfast yesterday, but we sure did get out and enjoy all that wonderful spring air.

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