Halloween Recap

#pumpkins #halloween #reno
There were these cute little pumpkins (down the street)
and then these cute little pumpkins (in my house)
Trick or treat! #halloween #momentswitho #momentswithfifi
O decided to go with the ghost theme after all and even let me paint his face. Fifi wanted nothing else but to be Minnie Mouse. 
She was the cutest darn Minnie there ever was, even if her mama forgot to put shoes on her for the trick-or-treating. Oops!
(I promise she was much happier than she looks here!)
Everyone was just to excited to go.
I got a little witchy at work
Witchy woman #halloween #instamuse #shuttersisters #nowyouworkshops
It was a fun day, but can someone please, please, please, do something with all that candy!

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