green-like sugar

Before we moved into the ‘big house’ we lived in a sweet little 1960’s casa. A two bedrooms one bath sort of deal. It was our first house and we were ambitious about making it our own. We promptly set to ripping up all the carpet (including that which was in the bathroom-eww, say it with me, ewwwww).
We (or should I say Daddy-O) installed hardwood floors thru out the 800 square feet of bedroom, living room and front entry. As with most projects when you spruce up one part of the house you start to see where the rest of the house needs help. The interest rates were dropping and so, like so many others we re-fied the house. This gave us a bit of money to go big and remodel the kitchen. We gutted the thing, all the way down to the studs.



I learned how to hang drywall and cook in the microwave . We did dishes in the tub and ate out more then I liked to adimt. We had a guy come in and tile the floors, we had new appliances delivered (oh how I miss that dual fule stove), silestone counter tops and cabinets installed. The place was gorgeous. One of my favorite parts about the new kitchen was that we had a plate rail installed. We had received a set of dishes for our wedding (that I adore) but there were only settings for four, a much smaller number of settings then we regularly needed for when friends or family showed up.
The hunt was on for dishes that we like, no, that we loved. And just in time, a Crate and Barrel catalog arrived in the mail.
It was settled as soon as we saw them in the pages, Samoa Dinnerware was it.
Now, in the new house, we don’t have a plate rack to show off our fancy dishes. But there is one piece of the set that dose get to live outside the cupboard doors and be part of the counterscape- the sugar bowl.
I love it’s little round handle and squat round belly.
sugar bowl

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