gratitude this week

11-13-12: grateful for the genius(es) at 3M. I *might* have a small addiction to sticky notes.
11-12-12: grateful for the Great Basin. The mountains that give me direction, the sky that kisses me with blue, and the desert that makes me feel small in the best way
11-14-12: grateful for the boy and the girl. For the stillness and the chaos of motherhood. For the really hard parts of parenthood. Because as they grow, I grow. For the really easy parts.  Because when things are easy it’s simple to overlook just how good they really are. I am thankful for the two little hearts that once beat and grew inside my womb and now walk, run and jump around outside of my body. so grateful for these two healthy, happy, beautiful and crazy kids of mine.
11-15-12: grateful for my mama. Wyld Lil, you are an amazing, strong, beautiful, creative, smart and wonderful human being. I love you more than all the stars in the Gerlach sky and more than all the pine trees in Truckee.thank you for making me, for never giving up on me, for your guidance and your friendship. I love you. 
11-16-12: grateful for craft night with my sister in-laws. Sewing, crafting, and talking it up. Its nice to have family who gets the creative bug as much as you do.
11-17-12: grateful for the rain. The pitter-patter rhythm on the windows and roof, the wooooshing as a car goes by on the street. Grateful for this kind if weather that made it easy to stay in my pj’s all day, an epic scrabble game to be played, lots and lots and lots of painting, and baking(brownies are done, banana bread up on deck and then triple C’s if I have time). Perfect Saturday at home.

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