Going Coastal

I'm going to the ocean today with @apschmink ! #hellyeah! #fromwhereistand
Last month my college roommate asked me if I wanted to go camping. It would just be us girls and the kids. Truth be told, I don’t know that I have ever camped without a guy around, but this didn’t stop me. I instantly said, “YES”! I mean look at where were going, how could I say no?
The bad news had to do with multiple loads of gear in a wheel-barrel down the very steep hill, but I got over that part pretty quickly due to the good news which included no tent or sleeping on the ground and the view that looked out directly to the pacific ocean.
So, I filled up the car, the cooler, the camp box, and the kids. We drove over the mountains and through the woods and found ourselves just outside of Stinson Beach, California.
 This #doesntsuck
Hello beautiful world.
...."Just like heaven"... #sky #sunset #cabincamping #pacificocean #elevatetheeveryday #ourcollectivebeginning #shuttersisters #thecameramen
I haven’t seen my friend Amanda since O’s first birthday, she hadn’t met Fifi yet and we both had our fingers crossed that the kids would hit it off. Truly, we had nothing to worry about.
Search. #tidepools
We hung battery operated twinkle lights and LED chinese lanterns, popped open a bottle of wine for us and a stuck a straw in the juice boxes for the kids and let the fun happen from there.
Wave jumping, hermit crab searching, running up and down, up and down the hill from our cabin to the parking lot. We managed to avoid the poison oak, a total plus since the place is covered in it and I made the mistake of telling the kids we were going on a nature hike, encouraging them to collect plant samples, oooops!
The weather couldn’t have been more pleasant, especially since we had been in the 100s the week before in Reno. We giggled with the kids, they giggled with each other, we laughed our heads off at old stories and talked about new happenings in our world.
Every night we had an amazing sunset. It felt like the golden hour was actually an hour long. Each of us soaked up every last drop of it’s lovely goodness.
20130611-20130611-_MG_9839 20130611-20130611-_MG_9837 20130611-20130611-_MG_9836
I shot a ton of film, my iphone got a workout and my DSLR did the trick when the other two were out of juice. I got extra inspiration when an fellow cabin camper and I were talking and he mentioned that Dorothea Lange used to stay in these cabins. I am trying to hunt down a copy of the book, To a Cabin.
What a fantastic time we had, thanks again Amanda! You always introduce me to the coolest places.
Want more camping goodness? I am blogging about getting out with the kids over on the Reno Moms Blog today. Head on over for a fun read.

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