getting into the spirit

339:365, reindeer games
With the move I wasn’t sure how we were going to get into the holiday spirit. All last week O kept telling us that we needed to put lights up on the house and in the yard. “Why haven’t we done lights yet Mommy?”

look what I grew.
last year’s antler appearance

We kept telling him that we weren’t sure if we were going to do lights this year and I wasn’t sure just how much of our Christmas box we would actually unpack. Grandma and Grandpa brought home a surprise last weekend and came back from Greagle with a fresh cut tree.
O could hardly wait to get it up and put all the ornaments.

337:365, cheif cheermiester
And when I say all the ornaments I mean all the ornaments. We actually had to hide the box of them so he would stop pulling things out and weighing down the branches.
picking the fragile ones
We also had to adjust the level at which the fragile pretties were places since we have Fifi around and mobile this year. She is like a magpie when it comes to shiny things and can hardly contain herself at all the sparkling glittery goodness of the season.
341:365, Christmas stories
I was able to go through all our books and sort out the Christmas themed stories that I have been collecting over the past 30+ years. I am really proud of the collection and we have been reading one or two of these stories at night before bed with O, he loves it.

naughty or nice

I had big plans for making some sort of an advent calendar this year, but I think I will keep gathering ideas over on pintrest and when I get the space to pull out my sewing machine or crafting supplies again attempt this task, even if it is the middle of June.


I hope your holiday prep is off to a good start. Do you have any favorite traditions for getting into the spirit?

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