getting into the season

halloween crafting
Doing a bit of Halloween crafting the past couple of days. This is an in progress shot of the garland I made to hang on the mantel. MrO has been coming home with witch’s hats and tissue paper ghosts from school. It is fun this year to see him get a little more interested about the holiday.
I put up these old decorations that my mom gave me (I remember these in her class room back when) and O told me, “That guys is mad, mama?” I felt sort of bad that he was a little worried/scared of them. Thinking about pumpkin carving, though that always makes my arms itch, does this happen to anyone else? The pumpkin guts just irritate my skin like crazy.
halloween crafting

I have also been doing some baking. Remember all of these I got the other week?


Well, the have been sitting because our oven decided to call it quits and all those mouth watering day dreams of apple pie, bread and crisps were put on hold.
That is, until last Saturday…

cinnamon rolls

This is the scene Sunday morning as we tried out the new shiny oven. The rolls aren’t homemade, but they were highly anticipated.


And I peeled and cored and made this yesterday morning.

apple bread

Apple bread is a perfect match to a cold autumn morning cuppa-cuppa. I found the recipe here if you are interested.
I am going to get my apple on again and make this galette today. The dough is waiting patiently for me in the fridge. (and I so want to make those pot pies that are linked in the dough recipe! yum!)

pumpkin trio
I really do love this time of year!

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