Getting Inked


It’s hard to know where to start with this post… Alice is a hoot. She has such a talent and yet, is incredibly humble about her art. As we sat and talked throughout the day, I was a little in awe. I have been following Alice since she used to write a food blog, bread & honey. She laughed as she told us how ironic the title is now. She doesn’t eat gluten and has dropped a ton of weight since she test tasting pie all the time…


The phone rang several times during the day- each time the call ended, she said one of two things…

  1. “That chick could hardly breathe while she talked to me. It’s like I have groupies.” (*duh) 
  2. “I’m gonna be doing some flowers tomorrow. Yep flowers. Sucks that I like to draw flowers and that’s my job its…”


We talked and talked as the tattoo gun buzzed. We discussed other bloggers that we all know from the interwebs, and if we happened to know them in real life, how funny some of the online persona are. Stoner laughing and certain ‘characters’ don’t seem to go hand in hand- but it’s real life and that kind of thing happens more than we like to admit. There was also an hour long discussion about beautiful qualities of Justin Timberlake. I thought Alice (and the other tattoo artist in the studio) was joking about wanting to listen to him while she gave me my new flowers. She was not. Not one little bit.


Ani sat like a champ during her 3.5 hours and the result is amazing. I am still in shock that we got to do this together. Now pass me the SeaSnax and some Aquaphor. I’m hungry and my arm is itching like crazy.

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