11-21-12: I am grateful for amazing sunsets and wild horses on the path. They are two more reasons to go out and run.
Still life with pumpkin. #thanksgiving

11-22-12: Still life with pumpkin pie. Grateful today for family, for a pre-dinner walk around the “swamp”, dessert, scrabble games while the kids nap, beer, flowers from Andy, Brussels spouts and bacon, and love. Most importantly love (but bacon is a close second….).
11-23-12: gratitude for washi tape. It’s the little things today.
11-24-12: Thank Gawd for these legs that let me run hard when I need to clear my messy mind and that take me to places that allow me to see the big picture (figureatively and literally). Also for amazingly blue skies and weather today that allowed a tank top and shorts on said run.
11-25-12: Grateful for the magic-spirit of childhood. I’m  not usually up for Christmas decorating this early, but the kid can hardly contain himself today. And so, it begins….

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