Fifi Update

This girl...
full of beauty and brains- I love watching her think through a problem and solve it in the most unique way.

#snuggles , hair twirling, milka-milk & my girl.  #momentswithfifi
She still loves her milka-milk and a good hair twirling. I soak up the time I get to have her sit on my lap, especially on the weekends when I can really enjoy it.

The sparkle is strong with this one... #haircut #momentswithfifi #pink
She got a hair cut, a little bob that makes the back of her neck look so sweet and grown up (sorry kid for the crazy hairline, you have mama’s duck tail). The pink still is yet to wash off of her scalp form almost a two weeks ago.

shes a fighter
the feisty is strong, but so is the sweet.

all ham and cheese.

Fifi, you are so much fun these days. you make me crazy- can you PLEASE just put on your clothes in the morning and KEEP them on, for more then a second? You make me smile- you singing “I’m a little tea pot” or “WASHED the spider out!” melts me every time. you are counting to ten and singing your ABC’s proudly around the house while bouncing around in circles. You dance and sing to your own song and I do love that part about you more than anything.xoxoxo

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