faint memory

At The Boardwalk

We were planning on heading out this weekend, but a few things have surfaced and it has been decided that staying home is probably a much better option (perhaps not as fun as hanging out on the beach in our tents, but in order to stay sane…)
Our plates have been too full this week with long days at the office and I feel the effects settling into my ear/throat.
The dogs escaped again this morning for about 3 hours… thank god there are good people in this world who captured them about 2 miles north of our home and called us. I think an invisible fence and shock collars might be the answer…*sigh* it sounds so inhumane.
I so don’t want to go that route, but what is a gal supposed to do when her dogs are like Houdini? one minute they are out back romping around and the next minute*poof, they are gone*
Anyone else have this problem- solutions?

Other than feeling totally over extended once again, this week has been good.
Teaching has been fulfilling and family is in town so we have meals with lively conversation in our future.
Here’s to a three day weekend in Nevada.

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  1. Laura October 26, 2007 at 2:29 am

    beautiful photograph! i know what you mean about the doggies. i can’t let mine out without a leash…and i can’t bring myself to install an electric fence either….so, for now….we’re just sticking with the leash:)

  2. Ani October 26, 2007 at 7:06 pm

    sorry to hear you aren’t making it out this weekend but sometimes a weekend home is even more refreshing. make lots of yummy food! go see a movie (hee hee…we’re going tomorrow afternoon!!!!)! wish i had some good doggy tips but mine are too lazy to attempt escape.


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