End of an Empire?

I am so sad today to hear of the closing of the USG plant located in Empire, NV. I grew up in the sister town to Empire (Gerlach, of Burning Man fame) and have many, many memories of the small-company owned town.
downvthe road
Memories that including my entire elementary school life, the pool that I spent hours and hours in during the hot summer days and so many other snippets.
My thoughts are with all the people in Empire and Gerlach who are effected by this news.
emergency medical service
To think that the place that I called home for 11 years of my life, may soon be a ghost town is really strange.

2 Comments End of an Empire?

  1. earthycrunchy December 7, 2010 at 4:11 am

    How sad. Where are all those families going to go?


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