eat and drink

For camping, we sure do it up right in the food and drink department….
I mean, who gets home-brewed hard apple cider on tap when they camp? The Simpson’s.
Who gets fresh baked Tripple Cs when they camp? The Simpson’s 
Fresh baked cookies? Come on over! #Glamping #halfmoonbay #popuppenny
#afternoonsnack triple c and vino tinto.
Pancakes and hot coffee every morning… you guessed it? The Simpson’s 
 #breafast #glamping #goodmorning
What about freshly cut artichokes and that day picked strawberries? uh yeah, The Simpson’s
 And don't even get me started on the #strawberries 
And when we are out and about, finding the BIGGEST ice cream cones we can find… Heck to the YES, The Simpson’s 
We also held strong to tradition and made sure the nightly campfire wasn’t lonely. S’mores please!

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