207:366, Bridge to Coronado
On the last day of our trip we packed lunches and headed over the bridge to Coronado to take in a little sand and salt water.
I think the kids ate more sand then lunch, but that is the way it goes at the beach.
The seagulls were in full force that afternoon and not afraid to get really close and into the backpacks for food.
Bold I tell you, bold.
O discovered the joys of collecting sea shells and had a blast finding beauties in the surf.
Fifi was so done and ready for a nap, but she held out until we got back in the car to head to the airport.
Poor thing, it was a long busy week for us all. 
I know how she felt I was pretty exhausted to after our adventures! 
Thanks San Diego, we had a blast!

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  1. jenny August 10, 2012 at 5:00 pm

    Oh! This is so reminiscent of my childhood summers! Makes me want to take my kids there to frolic in the sun. We are hoping to get there soon for my sister’s wedding… if she will ever set a date!


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