Birthday Week, 2011

Whew! The birthday week extravaganza is over, and I am pooped, pooped, pooped out from all the excitement.

244:365, main drag

My new work schedule has made it hard to keep up with things not just out here on the Internets, but in real life too. I miss the interaction and inspiration out here, but feel like I will find a rhythm to it all soon.


Here is a little recap of how we celebrated three years and one year…

I started prepping for the festivities over Labor Day weekend…
246:365, cupcake prep
I got the cupcakes made and in the freezer.
247:365, wip-birthday crown
And Fifi’s birthday crown sewn up and ready to go.
Tuesday was O’s actually birthday so we opted for take and bake pizza for dinner to keep it easy-
he actually wound up just eating his cupcake and barely touching the rest.
It was his birthday, so I let it slide.
248:365, he's three
He has been really into baseball lately, so I found a t-ball set that also ‘pitches’ the ball for you.
It was a hit (pun totally intended).
Thursday night was Fifi’s birthday. Daddy-O had to be in work meetings that evening so Jojo stepped in to help me out with the kids and to celebrate.
It was pretty quite and without much fanfare, the girl was tired and a little cranky so we didn’t push things much. She opened presents and I got her in her crown for her birthday photo in the chair, one quick smile and hings went down hill… oh well.
Friday night, my sister-in-law and her family came over for a sleep over.
The kids played like crazy and had a great time.
251:365, aftermath
We prepped for the gang of people that were to show up the next morning for the “Balloon, Breakfast and Birthday Bash”. It’s hot air balloon time, so we thought it was a great way to get a celebration in and have people over. It was a fantastic morning.
252:365, up up and away
happy first, fifi  Happy Three
Singing the birthday song, twice.
hot rod princess
_MG_8429 cousins.
Grandpa Buff and Mr. M and the other boy cousins hanging out in the street watching the balloons.
Bubble time
Playing in the back yard with friends and visiting.
Thanks to everyone who came over SO early to help us celebrate. It was a wonderful day.

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