Belmont: The Court House Tour

What a great trip I had last week. Spending time with my mom was great, I had a blast painting this year and although I totally missed my boys, it was so very good for me to get away before this new baby shows up and also for the boys to get some good quality time in without me around. The next few posts will be centered around my trip. I hope you enjoy!
I will start you off at the court house. Belmont, in its hay-day, was the Nye County seat-that honor now goes to Tonapah which is about 45 minutes away.
on the steps of justice

Terry (seen here with my mom on the court house stairs) always gives us a great tour of the place, and has an amazing library of oral history stored in his brain that he loves to share with visitors. If you are headed out to Belmont try to find Terry (his wife runs the sweet little jewelry shop called “Sticks and Stones” and anyone in town can let you know if he is around or not. The building is part of the parks system and is open to the public, but it has to be unlocked for visitors to enter.
Ready? Here we go….

Belmont Court House-sunset
The front of the building. Doesn’t it remind you a little bit of the Disney, Haunted House?

Nye County Court House
canada dry
writing on the wall
the walls in every room are covered with signatures, drawings, messages and poems.
These shots were all taken in rooms on the first floor of the building.
We headed upstairs and checked out the court room and a couple of the other offices.
Court house window
court house chairs
You can also go up into the cupola, but since my balance is a bit wonky these days and the stairs were installed backwards (the run is the rise, the rise is the run) I opted out of heading up to the very top this year- the views are pretty cool up there though and worth braving the climb if you are up for it.
I will share general views of the area in my next post.

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  1. caitlin July 26, 2010 at 8:46 pm

    Ooh, gorgeous pictures. Really lovely.


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