at the dentist

240:366, at the dentist, originally uploaded by NessieNoodle.

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Took the kids to the dentist for the first time today. It is the same office I went to as a kid, when I walked in the door, the smell of the place (not a bad smell, just a smell) came waving over me and I was taken right back to being 3 or 4.
O was amazing, sat there like a little statue and let the hygienist clean his teeth, sat for x-rays and was awesome for the dentist.
Fifi, was her feisty self and we had to hold her so they could look in her mouth.

Both checked out perfect and with no cavities!! Just what this mama, who was like Flavor-Flave as a kid, wanted to hear.

I was too chicken to take pictures while the hygienist was doing her thing…

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