At the Boardwalk…

board walk candy

I going to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.
My very first roller coaster ride was the Giant Dipper. It is still one of my favorites. The only ride I went on this time around was the Pepsi Truck on a track.  This was due to a certain little girl hanging out on my back in the ergo.

O V pepsi truck
But O, Mr. O fully embraced the amusement park. He hit up all sorts of thrills and chills with Daddy-O by his side. I still can’t believe he was game for the all the rides and honestly, I am not sure if he realized what he was in for on a couple of them.

He started the day off simple on the boats and dragons.

O and the Dragon
little toot 
do you love the name of the boat?! tee hee.
But by the end of the day he was SO brave, and splashed down on the log ride.
log ride1
log ride5
He ended the day on the Ferris wheel, a la Go, Dog, Go!
ferris wheel boys

Besides the rides, there were $5 hot dogs, a trip to the photo booth and one very sad, ice cream cone melt down.

134:365, Ice cream melt down

We all slept well that night after all that excitement-
Thanks Santa Cruz! We had a blast.

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