193:366, Lake Almanor
Camping, for the second weekend in a row. It means a lot of laundry, a lot of dusty dirty kids. But it also means family fun and good memories for the O and Fifi in the making. I can see why I our friends make a week out of going up to Lake Almanor, a weekend really isn’t long enough.
We rolled in on Friday night and got set up and settled in to camp. The kids were hungry and tired from the week so we didn’t’ make it long at the camp fire.
Saturday morning we rolled out of the sleeping bag early and got coffee and eggs cooking and slapped the kids in their swim suits and sun screen.
The mud play started early. How could it not when the water is only knee high for well over 25 yards out? I try hard to let the kids just be ‘in it’ when we are camping. Not worrying too much about how dirty they are getting. It’s a lot easier when the lake is there to rinse off in when it’s time.
The dads took turns on the kayaks. Andy was so proud of his silly dog tricks.
The kids floated around in about 2 feet of water and had the best time squirting each other and dumping buckets of water off the side of the ‘boat’.
There was a lunch time complete with a  dance party, complete with cherry juice.
Shot through the heart and your to blame…
And then I put my camera away because I needed some float time and cooling off.
I brought it back out again after dinner.
194:366, campfire kids
These are some priceless shots, if you ask me.
What a great crew of kids there was. Everyone got along really well and had so much fun.
The ride home was hot and more hot.
Good think for the Polka Dot stop in Quincy, CA.
soft serve, baby. soft serve.
someone is tiiiiiired.
I got an ice-cream headache I ate this so fast. I had to, it was melting so fast it wasn’t even funny!
195:366, swirl cone
One weekend I want to take a drive on my own so I can stop and snap photos of all these great barns and abandoned buildings…
Until I get that figured out and organized… these are the shots your gonna get.
I didn’t really want to go camping this weekend. I have had a nasty cough and we haven’t been home for one weekend yet this month. But Andy talked me into it. I caved and really, once we are out there, I am okay with it all. Or have to be or I will be miserable. I am glad we have such great friends and that we are getting the kids out camping so much. They love it. It’s a crazy full summer,

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  1. Ani July 16, 2012 at 5:54 pm

    I love what you said about wanting to take a trip back out on your own. On our drive to WA, I was saying it would take me about a week to get there because I would be stopping so often to take photos!

    Hope we finally get out to camp soon…haven’t been in ages. How’d you like Almanor? I’ve always wanted to get up there, but still haven’t!

    1. Vanessa/NessieNoodle July 16, 2012 at 5:58 pm

      It was the first time for me to be out there too. I can’t believe I had never been there. It was fun. It was also CRAZY busy, our friends said that was the busiest they had seen it and they have been going for 30years! The campsites are nice though, but be ready for a lot of trailer camping. People were generally pretty nice and I think if we would have been there mid-week it would have been a lot more chill. I think you need a boat/kayak or something too to get out on the water and off shore…

      I need to get out solo with my camera soon. I just see so much that I want to capture and can’t because I have a car load of kids and stuff! 🙂


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