All Hallow’s Eve

We carved our punkins weeks ago… At least I have massive amounts of cobwebs strung about the front porch and last year’s Christmas lights (that we never bothered taking down) to make up for the molding messes that are pretending to be jack-o-lanters.
Pumpkin patch time.

At any rate, the day we carved our pumpkins it was a glorious evening in campsite 14. The sun was warm and the fire pit was going. The kids had both gotten naps, unlike today, and everyone was in a pretty darn festive mood. Today, I am having to explain over and over again why we can’t eat all the existing candy in our house RIGHT (friggin) NOW. And also why we can’t go trick-or-treating until tomorrow.

farm dog
They don’t just give out candy when you knock on the doors on just any old night kiddo… yeah, I don’t get it either. At least I got them both a couple of costumes so they can prance around the house swapping out costumes every few of hours…
I will keep it spooky if you promise to do the same! Happy (almost) Halloween~

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