After a couple of days of exercising your right brain you start to see the world in a little different way. We discussed so many parts that make up abstract art/painting on Monday and Tuesday that by the time Wednesday rolled around I was seeing them everywhere.
small, medium, large shapes
auburn white green

colors, tones, hues,transparency
sniff sniff

open and closed shapes
horse fence

overlapping of shapes

mane attraction
texture, repetition-but not “sameness”

big medium small shapes
I love how when I dip into a different medium from photography I can still apply so many of the principals we discuss back to my work as I look thru the view finder. I might not be painting with my hands, but I do like to try to do so with my eye. I also love how so much of working in the right brain state takes me to my spiritual side- the breath becomes easier (like when you practice asana) and time becomes meaningless (as it does when you meditate).

I found this in my email inbox when I returned home from my get-away. Couldn’t sum it up any better than this if you ask me:

If knowledge is power, Vanessa, imagination is kryptonite.

The Universe

Oh and did you catch this article? It brought tears to my art teacher’s eyes as she talked about it last week.

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