A year and a shuffle

A year ago today he looked like this:
Silly and crazy and fun.
Today, he looks like this:

Still silly, crazy and fun. This past month has been full of little things that I love to see and hear. He has been practicing whispering and yelling, changing the volume of his voice is something he has learned will totally get a reaction from. “DADDY!” can be heard when he hears the garage door go up in the afternoon. He is figuring that if he starts a song with a, “lmnop” or ‘row-row’we will sing along. (Have you heard the version of row,row, row your boat that includes “if you see a crocodile, don’t forget to SCREAM!” we hadn’t either until my mom brought home an Aussie nursery rhyme book- I am sure the day care wonders why O screams when ever they sing this song to him!
He started to call it “applesauce” nose when he gets a snotty/runny nose. It is one of the best descriptions for the ailment that I can think of- it is like having applesauce running out of your nose when you have a cold.
He loves, loves, loves to go outside and play in the back yard- first plucking pieces of the garlic/onion greens and ‘smelling’ them. (he saw me doing this when I was trying to figure out what plant was what and thinks it is what you are supposed to do). Then up the side yard to the sitting area up top and declaring, “UP-high” to the entire neighborhood. I turned my back for a minute the other weekend and found him dangling, action hero style, from the edge. If you think my heart wasn’t racing then you would be crazy. when I got up there to help him he just kept repeating, “ball, ball, ball” he had thrown his ball and was on his way to go get it and then realized that even, ‘feet firt’ wasn’t going to help him from the 4 foot ledge.
We are getting ready to move his room to the other “kid room” (we have a ‘jack and jill’ set up) I am looking to do a robot theme in there for him since I have a couple of these prints from the fabulous LeSophie and I also found these super fun wall decals over on Etsy. I am loving this room’s color scheme from “Land of Nod”, though I won’t be purchasing anything from them right now, our budget is a little tight.
This move means that my craft room will be shifting it’s home as well. We settled on putting it into the master bedroom after tossing around the idea of putting it in the office area or maybe the guest room. Our bedroom is HUGE and so part of it will be sectioned off for my craft/sewing table and shelving. I have been trying to come up with some fun ways to store my yarn and fabric stash, but right now it looks like it will be plastic bins/drawers. I am crossing my fingers I can find something fun and affordable at one of the local thrift shops-Any ideas or inspiration out there from you guys??

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