A step back in time

Every year during the the Fourth of July weekend in Greagle there is a Civil War (or Silverware, as the kids thought we were saying) reenactment group who does their thing.
The woman are dressed in layers of calico, the men, in their wool. 
I won’t lie, I get overheated just looking at them. 
I love summer, but I need a body of water or a cool beverage nearby to survive and not get too grumpy. Just ask my husband, he will totally vouch for me on this one.
Despite the heat, the ladies kept a smile and their cool with only a parasol and little “church” fans. Many of them sat in the shade and talked about their quilting or worked on a knitting project. Others passed out pickles to the ‘troops’, post battle.
I feel like the men compete to who can be the scruffiest.If it weren’t for all the accessories, some of them looked like they were collected off the street for the day.
But once you got to talking (or listening) to these guys, you could hear the passion they have for the era. The history and the way things were done is fascinating and some what unfathomable. From how a canon would be aimed (using another soldier and his armpit for a siting scope), to how accurate the firing was, all of it so interesting.
I am not quite sure about celebrating or glorifying a war, but seeing and hearing bits of history always peak my interest.

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