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They are getting big. O tried to curl up in my lap last week and his legs were all over the place. His head no longer clears the counter between the living room and kitchen so I have started to put a stool in the awkward place so he will take the turn wider and miss the head bonk. Last night he red a book to me and counted to 100.



Fifi is determined and mischievous as ever. testing boundaries and patience, yet making us crack up laughing always. She can command a room and is really good at getting every single eye in the room on her when she wants it. She loves to paint, play with dough, help me in the kitchen, eat chocolate and is the best mama to her babies and ponies, ever.



I adore how different these two are from one another, and yet that they are both from me and of me. Each teaching me differently on this path of mamahood.


Happy Birthday O and Fifi. I love you beyond words.

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  1. Ani September 13, 2013 at 7:11 pm

    Just brilliant. These photos totally capture the personalities in those little bodies.


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