2013 Year In Review

Last January I decided to write out goals for the year. I had 13 things I wanted to do. I don’t really like resolutions, but I guess goals are a resolve to do things so…
13 in '13
I fulfilled so many of these on the list and that makes me feel really good.

  • I took a class from a local photographer, Jeff Ross.

Sparkle #behindthescenes #studiolighting

  • I ran the RTO, which was only one race but holy hanana-banana



  • I did swim in Donner, but only once, but we spent the entire day there and it was SO good.
Elemental Self
  • We fulfilled our camping quote and had so many great adventures! Santa Cruz (twice), Half Moon Bay, Smith Creek Playa, Morro Bay, and the kids and I went Cabin Camping at Steep Ravine. Also, I am not sure that you could call what we did this year camping, it was more like “Glamping” with Pop-up Penny!
  • Although the application process isn’t traditional, I worked with three new photographers, partnered with two local blogs, photographed for several local businesses as well as families, and I wrote up my first major proposal for a photography gig.
Tad but reflective as we head into the last bits of 2013.
  • The strangers challenge wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be. I had more of a street photography idea when I wrote this out, but I fulfilled this and then some. I photographed several business owners and artists in Midtown Reno (see my images and interviews here), during weddings I captured so many faces and moments that I can’t even count them all, and while documenting the various events around town I was forced to get over my shyness and hit the shutter button. I found out a little about myself during this process. I always am a nervous wreck before I start. It takes me a few shots to get warmed up and over myself and then I get in the zone and am a snapping machine.
  • Not sure if I did this completely, but we sure did cook and bake a lot this year. And the kids have started to BEG me to let them help out, which is a hoot (and a tad bit of a PITA) but I will take it since I want them to be kitchen kids! 

  • I may have failed at the book reading- I did finish the Hunger Games trilogy and LOVED it!
  • I know I did a lot of painting with my girl, Fifi and I made this a regular activity during the week.
Creating together. Hers is the white, mine is the pink. #artsaves #painting #momentswithfifi
  • I don’t know if I spent time alone or not. I know I feel a lot less claustrophobic then I did last January and a lot more ‘me’. So that’s a good thing.


    • I shot a ton of film. The majority of it was with my two Polaroid Land Cameras, but I also messed with my range finders and Minolta a bit too. Oh and I can’t forget about the Indisposable Concept! The most exciting film news? Three of my film photographs are in print. I can’t wait to get my copy of the NSEW book.
    orphans no more

    She is indisposable.  @indisposableconcept Fifi is on her game and helping me finish my roll this week. #momentswithfifi #film

    Classic cars and classic cameras go together like pb&j #believeinfilm #han #thisisreno #biggestlittlecity #film #polaroid

    • We really worked on making time for each other this year. Date nights were sometimes quiet nights at home without the kids, other evenings included a couple of friends and a few drinks. Making time for our marriage was and is important.
    ? 10 years strong.


    Last year I choose the word, “Shine” as my year long mantra.I truly feel like I did just that- I stepped outside of my comfort zone artistically, I pushed myself to ask and the majority of the time it was a yes and not a no. I wrote, photographed, networked and have made so many new friends along the way. I feel the light inside and out.

    This year, I choose the word, soar. I want to keep moving with all the momentum and fly high in my work, my love and my world. 
     2014's word:  soar   (sôr, sr) intr.v. soared, soar·ing, soars 1. To rise, fly, or glide high and with little apparent effort. 2. To climb swiftly or powerfully. 3. To glide in an aircraft while maintaining altitude. 4. To ascend suddenly above the normal
    Let’s do this 2014! I am ready. Off I got to make my list of 14 things for the year!

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