2 months

Dear O,

Saturday was 8 weeks and I guess that is officially the 2 month mark, but today is the day in my book. What an amazing two months it has been.
You came into this world face up, wanting to see as much as you could see and you continue to be doing just that. Holding your head up strong and looking around at all the voices and dog barks and sounds that are to be heard. You hate belly time, maybe that is why you’d didn’t make it out face down like you were supposed to?

melt my heart*11408

We have learned so much about each other already. Like, you really do turn into a pumpkin (smashing pumpkin, that is) at around 7 or 7:30pm. Try all you like to get you to stay up much later than that and the house is in for some screaming. You love to be all swaddled, fed, and actually in your room by around the magic hour- then you are all good. If we don’t swaddle you, we probably won’t sleep much more than an hour or two at a time, you are a snuggler for sure. Auntie Em says it’s because it was such a tight fit when you were “on the inside” and I might just have to agree with that one.
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If you have eaten and are still awake we often read a few books and then rock to sleep in the glider chair. Sometimes Dad helps with putting you down at night and that is really special I think. He always walks out of your room and says, “he is just so sweet” and I would have to agree, you are like dessert.

In the past week or so you have really started to “wake-up”. Looking and seeing much more, even unhooking from the “milk-truck” to see who just walked in the room when you hear a new voice or catch the movement from the corner of your eye. We have discovered that you love the mobile hanging from the pack and play and you do this big open mouth grin that I am certain is your version of laughing for now. We play peak-a-boo and you do the same grin, it melts me every time! You love to be held, but sometimes you have just had enough and will actually cry to be put down. We set you under the “arch of pleasure” and you swat and bat at the toys hanging from above. While you are down there you get your kicks and bicycles in for the day. A little exercise for those growing arms and legs, ya know?


Speaking of growing, I am blown away with how fast you have grown, one day fitting fine in a sleeper or a onsie the next I can’t get the snaps to snap or your arms into the sleeves. I am betting you are about 14lbs already, complete with a sweet little Buddha belly. Your not the only one changing, I have felt a shift in myself too. Learning to be a mom is big, mentally and physically. I am ready to accept it all though and take it as it comes.


We are so in love with you and can hardly believe this adventure we are on. Thank you for finally making it into our world, I know you have so much to teach us. Now I must be going, you are farting like an old man and I think you have a diaper change in your future!

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  1. Love Squalor November 6, 2008 at 9:40 pm

    he is a dream! ohh the cuteness! and i am with you on the month thing – i mean technically 4 weeks isn’t really a month anyway, there are more than 28 days in a month. i always count months from the day they were born.

  2. Ani November 6, 2008 at 11:40 pm

    my goodness, he is adorable.

    kidlet hated tummy time too. she was more interested in doing sit ups!

  3. curious girl (lisa) November 9, 2008 at 4:47 pm

    what a wonderful two months. he is just so so so precious! and a lucky guy to be loved so much.

  4. Kathleen November 23, 2008 at 5:50 am

    what a lovely post.


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