11 months

She turned 11 months on Monday.
I am running late on her photo because she has been full of piss and vinegar lately.
I couldn’t get her to sit still long enough or without snot and tears until last night.
This month has been all about mobility.
Fifi took her first steps on the 22nd of July and continues to test the waters with adding more and mores steps each day.
It’s really more about bravery than anything at this point.
I also think it’s about speed, she can get to her target a lot faster by crawling.
She loves to climb, climb, climb. 
One afternoon I stepped away and hear shrieking coming from the play room to find her scaling the bookcase. Yes, Fifi is my wild child. Is it part of being the second child, or just who she is? Hard to say.
Other milestones including pointing and I swear this morning she pointed at the dog and said, “daw”. She also sings this funny little song, “ling-aling-aling” and will dance her little booty off when you turn on music.
She doesn’t blow kisses in the traditional way, but will smack her lips when you blow them at her.
She remains to be one of the happiest, smiliest kids you will ever come across. But don’t tick her off or she will totally tell you off in her baby gibberish and possibly pinch you harder than a lobster. She is also a fighter when it comes to sleep, she doesn’t want to miss a minute of action. I have to question what it is that she thinks is going down at 1-3am on some nights. It’s been a blessing to not have to go into work lately with the newborn like sleep schedule she has been following.
She and O are so silly and fun to watch lately. He loves to pull her around in the wagon or push her in the little tike’s car. One of our favorite afternoon things to do these days is to get O’s balance bike out and Fifi on the tricycle and ride up and down the street.


It’s been a wonderful month and I can’t believe that we are coming quickly upon her first birthday!!

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